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It should be Mmm - Sushi
Published on February 4, 2004 By Ian Hanschen In Sports & Leisure
A few months ago while driving down Ford I noticed a sushi restaurant was being setup in the small plaza on North-West corner of Ford & Lilley - O'Sushi. It had an 'opening soon banner' for quite a long time. A few weeks ago they opened, and tonight, I decided to try them out. There is only one word I can use to describe the taste of their cuisine - exquisite. I ordered a spider roll, a philadelphia roll, and a cup of green tea. Very, very, very, very good sushi. The chefs even prepared special dishes throughout the evening for the diners to try.

Good prices, excellent chefs, tasteful decorum, and exquisite flavor.

I give O'Sushi an A+.
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