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February 4, 2004 by Ian Hanschen
A few months ago while driving down Ford I noticed a sushi restaurant was being setup in the small plaza on North-West corner of Ford & Lilley - O'Sushi. It had an 'opening soon banner' for quite a long time. A few weeks ago they opened, and tonight, I decided to try them out. There is only one word I can use to describe the taste of their cuisine - exquisite. I ordered a spider roll, a philadelphia roll, and a cup of green tea. Very, very, very, very good sushi. The chefs even prepared sp...
January 21, 2004 by Ian Hanschen
Over the past couple days I've been getting side-tracked from the VESA version of BootSkin to work on a couple other projects.

First we've been having implementation issues for DirectSkin with a client - debugging on 9x is always fun. Working on a company a for company b basis is always interesting, as you start to get into the specifics. In this case we were looking at things like window-manager recycled handle values causing issues when 100+ dialogs were created and destroyed over the spa...
December 23, 2003 by Ian Hanschen
PNC Advisors have put together a humorous flash presentation on the rising cost of the 12 days of Christmas.
November 28, 2003 by Ian Hanschen
LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Los Angeles officials have asked that manufacturers, suppliers and contractors stop using the terms "master" and "slave" on computer equipment, saying such terms are unacceptable and offensive.

At home and work I have dual setups where one machine is a 'slave' to the other, being debugged over firewire.

People like this need to just get off my planet.
November 26, 2003 by Ian Hanschen
Yesterday I found out about a site called PopDex. Basically they crawl blogs, and sort out what everyone is linking to, giving each link a score from 0 to 100 based on the amount of people linking, then aggregate it into a list, which has it's own RSS feed. The highest scoring links make it to the top of the list. Because of this, you can hit this site and find out what "everyone's talking about". Pretty neat!
June 26, 2002 by Ian Hanschen
SharpE is a complete shell replacement for explorer.
It allows you to replace your default tasbar, system tray, and desktop with
a completely new system.
sharpE includes many different enhancements of explorer, such as plugins,
color schemes, custom icons for applications, customizable right and middle
click menus(on desktop), and more.

SharpE includes the following components:

sharpBar - bar along the top of the screen that loads plugins

sharpTask - Quick way to switch task...