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SharpE is a complete shell replacement for explorer.
It allows you to replace your default tasbar, system tray, and desktop with
a completely new system.
sharpE includes many different enhancements of explorer, such as plugins,
color schemes, custom icons for applications, customizable right and middle
click menus(on desktop), and more.

SharpE includes the following components:

sharpBar - bar along the top of the screen that loads plugins

sharpTask - Quick way to switch tasks

sharpTray - replacement for explorers systray, also allows you to hide
icons, which explorer only allows you to do on xp or above

sharpDesk - by far one of the best components of sharpE. sharpDesk holds all
your icons that link to programs, web sites, drives, and more. right click
or middle click on sharpDesk to load your custom sharpMenu that contains
your start menu, and whatever other shortucts you want.

sharpVwm - Allows you to set up virtual desktops

sharpSet - the central configuration for sharpE, with color scheme settings,
startup options, desktop settings, and more

Plugins - our plugins include a command line plugin, a winamp controller,
resource controls, email checker, a notepad, and more.

sharpE's is completely free and being updated frequently. For support email
us, visit http://www.lowdimension.net, or contact us on irc at
openprojects.net #sharpe

Check out the screenshot.


on Jun 29, 2002
free too, nice. I still use NextStart, very sweet!
on Jun 30, 2002
hmm.... not that good that i'll use it instead of litestep ....
Hey what is that NextStart ? Where can i get that ?