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'Master' and 'slave' computer labels unacceptable, officials say
Published on November 28, 2003 By Ian Hanschen In Current Events
LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- Los Angeles officials have asked that manufacturers, suppliers and contractors stop using the terms "master" and "slave" on computer equipment, saying such terms are unacceptable and offensive.

At home and work I have dual setups where one machine is a 'slave' to the other, being debugged over firewire.

People like this need to just get off my planet.
on Nov 29, 2003
Hey! I just got another slave last night! For only $50 at Best Buy! Maybe we should sue Best Buy for illegal slave trade? Or even yet, lets give hard drives, cd drives, and floppy drives rights! That way they can have their own familes and vote.

Come the frick on people. Being a "slave" implies no race as white, black, asian... any people can become a slave. I seriously don't think that either a) someone coined the term for a hard drive during the Civil War or they were produced by rascist KKK members.

It's not that big of a deal people, don't treat it that way.
on Nov 29, 2003
They're going too far.

Maybe the techy world would accept terms like "crooked politician" and "constituant" in place of our well-loved snuggly terms "master" and "slave". As long as we're not dressing the slave up in pvc and leather and letting the master whip it or cane it that we aren't breaking too many rules. Besides, the people that are offended by these terms are probably half-wit morons who don't know a motherboard from a mouse and shouldn't be exploring inside their boxes anyway. If they lack the intelligence to see words with more than one meaning to them, they definately should not be poking around sensitive electronic equipment---especially since they more than likely forget to do the following:

1) Disconnect the power source.
2) Ground things before touching.
3) Understand that computers don't run during power outages due to the need for electricity to run electronics.

If this goes through and we have to rename everything Windows will end up even more glitchy, and the general sanity of the world hinges on it's 60% useability! Heaven help us all.
on Nov 29, 2003
Oh and we wouldn't want to offend any windows out there, let's change the Windows OS!
on Nov 30, 2003
Yes. We should petition they change the name "Windows" because my kitchen window hates being compared to such a glitchy OS. Seriously, you should see the pane (pain!) they're in! Poor little dears....*sob* ...........lol
on Nov 30, 2003
Considering LA is the epicenter of all the ebonics, 'rap as legitimate poetry' stuff, maybe they oughtta take a lesson from the book of Tupac and change 'master and slave' to 'pimp and beeyatch'. Ah, the two-edged sword of cultural diversity.
on Dec 01, 2003
hahaha gamefreak99 im lmaf!!! i agree with you though. what the flip? oooohhh, a slave aaahhh, every one run for your lives, the computers are offended now!!! we're all gonna die. jeeze, what a buncha freaks.
on Dec 01, 2003
hahahahahahahahaha bakerstreet. rotflmaf. master should be pimp and slave should be beeyatch. hahahaha good one.